Welcome to Yama-Nui Recording Studio


Only 15 mins from the beach with picturesque views to the trees from both our control room and live rooms, Yama-Nui is full of refreshing and nourishing creative options.  The studio offers a stunning visual and acoustic environment featuring a hybrid setup of both true analog and digital technologies.  With 32 analog inputs, excellent sight lines and full patching flexibility between rooms, the studio is fully equipped to handle any project from soloists to full live band recordings.

The Control Room

3.5 x 4.5m

Built to a golden ratio for the ultimate mixing and playback experience and acoustically treated with Bass Traps, Low Mid Traps, Mid High Absorbers and diffusion to balance the frequencies and offer a neutral sound with monitoring options from Yamaha NS-10M’s (with sub) or ADAM A7X nearfields.

The Large Room

6.5 x 4.5m

Room treatment is split into 2 ends with a ‘dead’ end and a ‘live’ end which features 2 floor to ceiling custom made book shelves that double as a modular acoustic treatment system for personalised recording options. Also features large Bass Traps, plenty of Low Mid Absorbers, portable Gobos, ceiling mounted poly diffusers and clouds throughout.

The small Room

2.5 x 4.0m

A dry and tight sounding booth we’ve used successfully for isolated live vocals, acoustic guitars, horns and even small drum kits.  Treated with a large Bass Trap, low and mid high absorbers, poly diffusers and ceiling absorption.

Lounge Recording Room / Kitchen

3.5 x 5.0m

Live sounding room with tiles on the floor and minimal treatment. Great for horns and guitar amps and our upright piano.

Kitchen has tea and coffee facilities, a fridge (no freezer) and microwave.

NB: Tie lines also run to the bathroom and kitchen from the control room so either of these spaces can be set up as a realtime reverb chamber for tracking or mixing options


  • Our Live Room & Small Room both feature fresh air vents which pump oxygen to you 24/7 through external soundproof silencer boxes to enhance recording focus & mental longevity.
  • Full AirCon throughout.
  • Carefully designed modular acoustic treatment for recording flexibility.
  • 40 input path options + room to room ‘in out & through’ XLR, TRS and SPEAKON connections to 32 analog UAD APOLLO inputs giving the option to record in any large band format utilising all 4 isolated rooms (5 with the bathroom!)
  • 2023 M2 Mac Studio via two UAD QUAD 16 APOLLO’s (with UAD COMPLETE plugins and 2 octo satellites) through an American built APB Dynasonics SPECTRA 24/8/2 analog console, extra TubeTech, Sytek and JLM preamps with outboard compression from DBX, URIE, UA, JLM & more.
  • Digital ‘Hearback’ system with individual control hubs feeding each player a customisable 8 channel mix for comfort & productivity
  • Microphone models by Neumann, Josephson, Coles, Mojave, Sennheiser, BeezNeez, Beyerdynamic, Peluso & many more.
  • Several tape delays, spring reverb, a 2-track reel-2-reel and several outboard effects units permanently patched in.
  • A fantastic collection of instruments to use – including vintage guitars and basses, a 1980’s Juno 106, two Fender Rhodes pianos, an upright piano, 2 house drum kits (vintage Yamaha and Ludwig), several amazing amplifiers and so much percussion.Contact us for a more thorough equipment list.
  • Outdoor chill space with BBQ and firepit, treetop and hinterland views, amongst permaculture gardens.

Yama-Nui Studios is the current incarnation of PaulieB’s former recording studio ‘The Tanuki Lounge’ based in West End, QLD, from 2002 to 2017.  Formerly the undisputed home of Australia’s roots, reggae, soul and world music scene, The Tanuki Lounge and PaulieB offered many of Australia’s most cherished roots, soul and jazz recordings.