‘If we’re going to do it, we should do it nice.  And if we’re going to do it nice, we might as well do it Real Nice!’

I do this work because I love it.

I see myself as a perennial student of music, always searching, listening and responding.  I’m not the type of engineer or producer who uses templates – I prefer to listen to what the song is asking of me and respond accordingly, in the moment.

Songs are like spells and need to be captured carefully so as not to disrupt the original intention embedded in them.  Well crafted accompaniment can best affirm an original idea when realised with graceful intention. 

Microphones record vibrations and intention is a vibration, so setting the mood for a good take is imperative.  Managing the energies in the room and careful focussed listening is the key to creating recordings my clients truly love.

People often feel well supported during my sessions and find that my gentle temperament makes it easier for them to step outside their personal vulnerabilities and achieve more, with less self doubt and judgement. 

Sounds also need to be cared for and my natural approach to engineering always begins with respecting the sounds we want to capture and how to present their journey into the future and toward the listener.